Sunday, February 19, 2017

Target finds!

Went shopping at Target today and picked up a few cute things, and everything I found today was on-sale, which was a bonus great!
They were giving away Lego Batman movie posters away so I got this cute reversible one.

I'm definitely a Star Wars fan and I love this droid shopping tote.

This black and gold heart-shaped pillow is probably my favorite thing I got today.

I found this navy blue sparkly t-shirt on the clearance rack. A v-neck t-shirt and jeans is my go-to casual look, so I'm always on the look out for v-necks in every color and style.

Winter accessories were on-sale, so I picked up this dark green, blue, and black plaid scarf. It will match all the navy clothes I've collected over the years.

This is a picture of what I wore today. We stopped by the flea market to browse around and I snapped this there.

Outfit details:: T-shirt:: Target; Jeans:: Old Navy; Hat:: MyCokeRewards; Handbag:: TJ Maxx

X <3 O -M

Friday, February 17, 2017

Dark Era

Getting ready for a dinner. Sometimes I have more fun picking out outfits and doing my hair and makeup than actually going out.

I love the asymmetrical pattern on this dress. 

I'm trying out my Dark Era NYX matte lipstick tonight. It goes on very dark, so it won't be an everyday lip stick, but it is fun to play with at night.

Outfit details:: Dress:: Maurices; Cardigan:: JC Penney; Tights:: Wal Mart; Flats:: Payless; Jacket:: Calvin Klein; Handbag:: TJ Maxx

X <3 O -M

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In need of...

...Retail therapy after a grueling few days.

I found this Crown & Ivy candy pink/and white stripe button down. I know I mentioned loving this brand before, and it's still with me.

This Victoria's Secret top is beautiful. The photo is shown from the back because that's where all the excitement is happening. The front is scoop-neck, but the back has a big circle that still manages to cover my bra. Not to mention, I love the color.

I have been looking for the right leopard print shirt for a long time, and not only did I find one in this American Dream raglan, it's also the comfiest of all the shirts I bought.

Outfit details:: Shirt:: Simply Vera; Blazer:: Forever 21; Jeans:: JC Penney

X <3 O -M

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tumbleweeds Blow Through my Life

I've felt so drained this week. Do you ever have days where you don't want to do anything?

Outfit details:: Dress:: Cato; tights:: Wal Mart; Coat:: Dillards; Flats:: Payless; Hat:: Amazon; Bag:: TJ Maxx; Necklace:: Target

X <3 O -M

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Aftermath

I've had a busy day today running errands and viewing the damage of the storms.

My town had a series of bad storms and heavy winds the past few days. A lot of trees have been uprooted. A tree fell through a house; a tornado hit a whole RV park; and a lot of houses spent time without power. In an absolute blessing though, no deaths have been reported.

Outfit details:: Shirt:: Goodys; Blazer:: Forever 21; Jeans:: Old Navy; Wedges:: Cato; Bag:: TJ Maxx

X <3 O -M

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sometimes you just have to splurge

I just thought I would share some of my shopping experiences with you. I love the color navy blue and I once found a quote that said "navy is my neutral," and it's so relatable to my style. Most of what I wear incorporates that color scheme, and it definitely did in my clothing purchases. I love this navy tunic shirt that I found at a local boutique.

I live semi close to the beach, so I do visit all year long, and this Crown and Ivy sweater will be perfect for those cold beach days. I wasn't familiar with this brand, but I discovered it at Belk and absolutely fell in love with it.

I've been on the look out for a thick circular brush and have scoured department and drug stores alike, and I don't know why hair brushes cost a minimum of $10! So, you can imagine my excitement when I found one for $5.99 at Burkes Outlet.

I was happy to find a new sleep mask at TJ Maxx

I also found a pair of Keds at TJ Maxx as well. This is my first pair of Keds, and I absolutely adore them!

And lastly, you can see my colorful flowers that are currently brightening up my room.

X <3 O -M

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Caught off guard

It has definitely been an adventurous weekend. It was one of those where your friend picks you up to go out to dinner and you don't come home for 24 hours. I'm exhausted, but I did get some much needed girl time in.

This last photo is me getting ready to go out. I have bump-its in my hair to keep it up that high. They're fun to play with every now and again.

Outfit details:: Dress:: Wal Mart; Tights:: Wal Mart; Boots:: Maurices; Jacket:: Rue 21; Sweatsuit (in last photo):: JC Penney

X <3 O -M

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Add some color

My wardrobe is so monochromatic, normally. (It's a comfort thing.) So, I get really excited when I find something in a bright color that I'm comfortable wearing. And this Columbia hooded burnout top definitely fit in the category.

So, after the 2016 I had, I really wanted to go into 2017 with no resolutions (because, really, who sticks to them anyway?) But my sister found this 2017 reading challenge, so being the avid reader that I am, I decided this would be my 2017 resolution.

So, I've posted whenever I read a book, and I just finished the 3rd book off the list. For the "Book from your childhood" section, I chose Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it's still a guilty pleasure in my adulthood. The photo is decorated by Hershey kisses because it's hard to read about a chocolate factory without wishing you had some by your side.

Outfit details:: Shirt:: Columbia; Camisole:: JC Penney; Jeans:: JC Penney

X <3 O -M

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nice day for a stroll

Took a walk for about 3 hours. It would have been nicer if it wasn't for the wind. As you can see in the first photo, the wind kept blowing my hair into my face.

Outfit details:: Sweater:: Victoria's Secret; Jeans:: Old Navy; Tank top:: Old Navy; Boots:: Old Navy; Scarf:: JC Penney; Wristlet:: Vera Bradley

X <3 O -M

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year

We're in the year of the Cock. Doesn't really do anything special for me since 1) I'm not Chinese, and 2) I'm the Snake. Still didn't stop me from celebrating by going out for Chinese food.

Rented Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, which was an interesting bio-pic about a journalist named Ed Myers who goes to Cuba to meet his idol, Ernest Hemingway. Apparently this was the first American film to be shot in Cuba in over 30+ years, so that's definitely something interesting to note.

I also read and finished The Pianist, which is the memoirs of Wladyslaw Spzilman who was the last composer to be heard over Warsaw radio before it was bombed by the Germans. This is an interesting story. I read it when I was 14 years old, but recently found it in my library and decided to read it again. It's truly an inspiring tale about the will to live, and the unexpected people and things that give us our will to live. 

Outfit details:: Jacket:: Old Navy; Jeans:: Old Navy; Thermal top:: Old Navy; Hat:: MyCokeRewards

X <3 O -M