Sunday, January 8, 2017

Awards Night!

Watched the Golden Globes, brought to you by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
I love Awards season. It's a great chance to see Hollywood act humbled, as well as a chance to be exposed to shows and movies I may not have been familiar with prior.
As much as I always enjoyed Ricky Gervais' comedy and having him host, I do like Jimmy Fallon, and am a sucker for an opening show tune.
Other great moments from the Golden Globes were Ryan Gosling's acceptance speech for his wife... The HFPA's tribute to Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher... nominations for the Deadpool movie... Viola Davis presenting the Cecil B. DeMille award to Meryl Streep, and everything about her speech.
My favorite speeches are the ones where the winner has a heartfelt message, or the ones where the winner just cannot contain their excitement and get so proud. I know if that was me up there, I would either be too nervous to speak or so excited that I just ramble.

Went out to eat Indian food today and dressed for comfort and warmth. I picked up this sweater on a trip to Mexico from a vendor and it is so warm. I definitely recommend these Baja hoodies if you are in cold weather. The boots are just from Wal Mart, and the jeans were bought from a store called Hammers that I visit every time I make a trip up to the snowy mountains in Tennessee.

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