Sunday, January 8, 2017

I can't feel my toes

This weather has been so rickety lately, and yesterday morning I awoke to a temperature of 27-degrees Fahrenheit outside. I didn't want to leave the house, but it was required, so I wore this outfit and then immediately came home and hopped back into comfy pajamas.

This sweater is from Target and really perfect for the bad weather.

These bootleg jeans came from JC Penney, and I've had them for awhile so they stretch comfortably and have become my go-to pair of jeans.

It's always good to have a hat/scarf combo for cold days. I love this JC Penney set because it's black so it goes with most of my dark-colored clothes. Plus it's sparkly, so it adds some extra flair to the boring cold days.

As nice as it is to go out, on cold days like yesterday I am more happy to stay at home under covers and binge watch. Today I rented Woody Allen's Cafe Society. It's got an All Star cast and is set in old Hollywood. What's not to love? 

X <3 O -M

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