Friday, December 2, 2016

Winter Essentials

My name is Monica and welcome to my blog Clossest. If you're wondering about the name, it's just supposed to mean "Clothes-obsessed," which seemed appropriate as the majority of this blog would be dedicated to clothes and fashion. That's where my interests lie, so that's what I'm going to blog about -- what's that saying: Write What You Know.

So... as it is December, and winter in some parts of the world (It's 38-degrees in the continental SE), I've decided to start this post with some winter essentials that should be on everyone's must-own list.

::Blanket Scarves::
If scarves are a winter staple, then the blanket scarf is the must-have. I buy a new one every year as part of a winter tradition. Amazon usually has the best deals on blanket scarves and it's where I go to buy mine. These are copies of the 2 I own...

::Duck Boots::
Weather you get stuck in snow, rain, or just cold weather, it's always helpful to have a pair of duck boots on hand. These helped tremendously when I went up to the mountains last week and went snow tubing. While everyone else was slipping on ice and snow, the traction on these boots kept me from feeling like a klutz (as I usually am). Obviously the go to duck boots are the original from L.L. Bean , but those can be expensive. My pair are Esprit and were bought from TJ Maxx. I'm a personal fan of the brown and navy...

::Winter Boots::
I'm an accessories girl more than anything, so that's usually what comes out of most of my shopping experiences, and I live for winter so that I can wear boots. I don't know if it's just the people around
me that believe UGG-style boots are out, but I love them. They keep your feet warm and are super comfortable -- what's not to love? I just ordered a taller pair of these from Old Navy and I'm ready for them to get here...

::Winter Coat::
No matter where you live, it's always necessary to have a cold-weather jacket. If you're clothes-obsessed, it's always better to have more than one.

I have this long wool pea coat from Old Navy:: 

I have this black Columbia zip up from JC Penny::

I just recently received this North Face jacket as a gift::

::Cozy PJs::
One of my favorite parts of the holiday season, is getting to sit around at the house on weekends or late nights with cocoa or egg nog (spiked or otherwise), in pajamas or lounge pants, and slippers in order to decorate my house, watch Christmas movies, or binge watch my favorite TV shows.

This is one of my favorite pair of pajama pants from Old Navy...

I recently just purchased these slipper boots from the Muk Luk a la Mode collection at Wal Mart. Muk Luks are some of the comfiest boots I have ever worn. They're modeled after the Inuits who used to line their boots with seal and reindeer fur.

I know we all have our winter essentials and these are just a few of mine. I hope they inspire you all to get in the winter season warmly and comfortably.

X <3 O -M

PS:: While identical to the items I own, these photos do not belong to me and were all found on-line. I am working on setting up my camera, so next time they will be.

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